Desiderium.eu started in 2009 as my little playground. I wanted to experiment with developing websites. Since my early steps in this online and exciting world, my site has been adopting many forms. From a full-blown website for personal use and back again to an empty placeholder, eventually evolving to what it is today.

My personal place contains a multitude of things I have seen, learned and experimented with. It is my playground. It captures my personal interests. It remembers what I have forgotten. It is simply my collection of (incomplete) notes I do not want to put on the refrigerator door. The door wouldn't be big enough!




I have done my best to be complete, concise and to stay away from errors. Fortunately, I am human, and as such, I take the liberty to allow mistakes to enter here and there on few occassions. For more legal - boring - stuff continue here.